We provide one-time repair services for Servers, Laptops & Desktops. Issues like no display, no power, failure to boot into windows, physical damages etc. can be resolved easily

Maintenance Contracts

We also undertake AMC Contracts for a minimum user base of 10 Computers. The services are provided by us online/onsite to resolve issues. While the AMC contract has a fixed price, there is no capping on the number of visits required to resolve ongoing issues.

IT Facility Management

For Larger setups i.e. 50+ Computers, we also provide a qualified and experienced resident engineer, who spends 8 hours a day on the site. He takes care of the entire IT Lifecycle of the company and spends time streamlining the IT operations for smoother functioning.

Cloud IVR

We can help you in getting a Toll Free number for your brand, and related IVR services on the cloud. Make your customers happy with an effective inbound calling solution

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